We provide a full range of services for your international transportation needs. As a part of Brink's Global Services Network, we cover all the major diamond and jewelry centers on five continents.

We also provide international secured transport of other valuable commodities, such as Gold bars, Banknotes, Credit Cards, Securities, and Financial papers etc. These are handled by Brink's Global Services Network in more than 110 countries.

Brink's Security Thailand began its international service in 1986. Since then our company has developed various domestic businesses to serve the local Diamond & Jewelry and Finance & Banking industries. Brink's now offers its new integrated Cash Logistics Services to major bank, financial institutions and the retailing industry.

In over 145 years of service no one has ever lost a penny entrusting their valuables to Brink's. For our Thailand operations, we have brought, implemented, and strictly maintain the same Brink's Quality Standards for Service and Security. We continuously improve in our procedures, provide creative solutions and utilize latest information technology system to enable our clients to benefit from our efficiency.





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