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Shipment didn't arrive on time ?
Want your valuables secure during and after the show ?

For many years, the exhibitors at the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair the country's largest and most successful trade show of its kind, have enjoyed Brink's forwarding service and its on-site strong room service. We are the only company that has gained an official status from the organizer, the Department of Export Promotion, for both the international shipping service and local security storage service. In addition to the two major trade shows, we are also providing services to private shows and other events e.g. Jewel Fest. There is no company in Thailand that can provide a better service than Brink's.

With our in-house customs broker and freight forwarding team, your international transfer will be well taken care of. Through our extensive global network, we can pick-up your exhibits from your store and then you simply wait at your booth for delivery, hassle-free. Moreover, our service will not end at the delivery, just like our commitment to service excellence. New paragraph we continue taking care of your risks with our during-the-show overnight insurance scheme, our security guards and storage facility. All of those can be customized to your preferences. Leave the worries, shipping and security, to us so that you have a successful show. Please call us to find out how we help you handling your exhibition in Thailand.




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