Armored Transportation


Brink's has been the leader in the security transportation business. Starting with the world's first armored truck in 1923 in Chicago, it made the Brink's name synonymous with security. Every day, our trucks transport millions of dollars worth of valuables safely, effectively at low risks around the world.

Since 1986, we have been providing the Brink's quality service to Thailand. As of 1999, we are proud to introduce our new armored car fleet. With improved security features in addition to our security standard, it becomes that country's most secured armored car. Each vehicle is recognized by a new look with the Brink's corporate stripes on the side. It symbolizes our commitment to continuously maintain our superior service and security standard to our customers.

Brink's provides the most comprehensive protection against loss available in the security transport industry. Our armored transportation service can be tailored made to your requirements. It can be offered in conjunction with our currency processing services to provide you a total solution for your cash management.




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