Message from the Country Manager
Desmond G. Kimmet
Brink's (Thailand) Limited

Dear Customers, service partners, and employees of  Brinks Thailand,

The Brinks brand name is synonymous around the world with the highest levels of service, quality, and customer care.

I feel privileged to have been appointed at the beginning of September 2005 to take on the leadership of the Company, and I can assure you that I will strive continuously to ensure that we deliver our commitment to excellence to our customers, and our employees.

The company has a defined vision and business model designed to meet the needs of our customers through strategic partnership. The changing face of the banking industry in Thailand and the external challenges to the Diamond and Jewelry industry mean that Brinks has a significant role to play in delivering a qualitative, secure, and credible service that enhances the competitive edge for our customers.

The Company will continue to expand its portfolio of services across Thailand, and invest in cutting edge technology along with exceptional human resources, that will drive the business forward while maintaining our levels of excellence.

I, my senior management team, and all of our staff at Brinks are fully committed to meeting our vision. Thank you for your continued and valued support along the way.

Kindest Regards

Desmond G. Kimmet
Country Manager
Brinks Thailand


Message from the Chairman


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