Message from the Chairman
William C. Reinsch
Brink's (Thailand) Limited

Brink's (Thailand) Limited is a partnership between Transpo International Ltd., one of the major transportation specialists in Thailand, and Brink's Incorporated, a worldwide leader in the safe and secure handling of high value products.

Formed 14 years ago, this partnership has combined the local capabilities and strengths of Transpo International Limited. and the worldwide resources of Brink's Inc. It brought together two companies that place a premium on quality service, honesty, and integrity to their clients and transparency to their operations.

We wish to thank and honor our clients and friends in the Diamond and Jewelry industry whose vision, work ethics, and commitment have helped make successes of their own companies and have thereby contributed to the development of one of Thailand's largest industries.

Brink's Thailand's facilities have been built for the future. We have convenient premises with modern offices and hi-tech Vaults, advanced integrated computer capabilities, the best security systems in Thailand, and a professional staff keen on taking care of and protecting our clients' interests. Our company wants the Diamond & Jewelry industry to use Brink's as their worldwide transportation security resource. Our clients' successes are our successes. Our clients' opportunities are our opportunities.

Brink's is routinely adding new offices to our worldwide network. We cover 75 countries with full operations in 60. In each office we are introducing new technological information and security systems and bringing in a wealth of new manpower resources. Brink's looks to be your partner and resource around the world.

We commit to you our trust, dedication to service excellence, innovativeness and honesty in each and every transaction and relationship. As partners together, we can continue to benefit our companies, the people who work for us, and the Diamond and Jewelry Industry in Thailand and throughout the world.

Thank you for letting us serve you.

William C. Reinsch


Message from the Country Manager


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